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never forget
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Czasami, gdy ludzie odsuwali od siebie innych, tak naprawdę  pragnęli bliskości.
— Brittainy C. Cherry - "Woda, która niesie ciszę"
tyle numerów, do których nie mogę zadzwonić
tyle adresów, pod które nie można mi pójść
— Katarzyna Wołyniec
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My mind is full of you.
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Kaja Kowalewska / Chaos i inne piętra
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Woleli nam wbijać do głowy, ile jest x do π, zamiast pomagać lepiej zrozumieć siebie i innych.
— Jay Asher - "13 powodów"
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Last breath of a drowning man

Meeting you was such a blessing and a fucking curse at the same time. 
One thought, one photo and im again destroyed for another year.
There's no way out of this love.
Another years will go by and my hope for more will be still fucking me up.. What a time to be alive. Well, not for long tho.
I started to believe in ghosts, too bad its because I want to be a fucking one that could follow you, spooky you a little when you watch shitty horrors or to scare off bad guys. I'd like to do it very much, @heroinee
Tags: @heroinee
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"coś jest, a później tego nie ma"
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